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Kid Verse Master list

Told you I was going to make this list. Ok, here you guys go. The Master list of the kid verse.
What is the Kid Verse, you might ask? Well, it started off in an RP called Ravenhurst on IJ. Then we just started writing fics. We being blinding_echos and myself. So those fics will also be listed here.

Basics you need to know: Jack and Ianto are both immortal, and sharing a large manor. Jack has four kids. Lacey Harkness, a 750 year old Half Time Lord who acts like she's fifteen most days, Tessa Dawson, a thirteen year old from the fifty first century, and the twins Meredith and Tavish, half time lords carried by Jack during the year that never was in an alternate world. Owen is alive. No, really really alive. He's got a pulse and everything, and he's willing to tell anyone and everyone. The Rift shifted, and therefore they moved the Hub to follow the rift. They are now located in US at a college campus. The Hub is under the university, with a coffee shop as it's front(like the tourist information center). Jack is teaching at the university. Rose is here, and working for Torchwood, as are Mickey and Jake. the Master lived and is currently in a relationship with both Rose and the Doctor. Have I confused you yet? Good. On to the list of stories. Also, there really isn't a set continuity to most of these fics, though I did try to put them in some semblance of order. Mostly because Second Chance didn't even happen in Ravenhurst and some things happened in Random RP. So don't expect a fool proof continuity. You can't even get that in Doctor who Canon!

Demon Bugs written by blinding_echos
Summary: The Harkness manor is subjected to an attack of Demon Bugs

Who am I? by quietlydreamin
Summary: The Master is at a crossroads.

The Morning after by me
Summary: Lacey wakes up once again in a bed that's not hers

Weird Dad Stories written by blinding_echos
Summary: Tessa and Lacey have a cold, and Jack tells them a story

Letters By me
Summary: After listening to the story about Mouse Fairies in Weird Dad Stories, the girls find a letter on their nightstands.

A day in the life of Daddy Jack written by blinding_echos
Summary: Just your average day in the life of Captain Jack Harkness, head of Torchwood Five and father

The Last Time
Summary: On Saturday, she was kidnapped, on Sunday she broke up with her boyfriend, on Monday, Max found out why
Warnings: Domestic Abuse

Owen's Day as a cat
Summary: Revenge is a dish best served cold...and furry.

Flowers with Meaning
Summary: Lacey never received flowers before, and Owen decides to change that.

Pizza and Cuddles
Summary: When Lacey comes back from a trip from the future sick, Owen takes care of her while she's on bedrest

Raspberry Ice cream and Pictures
Summary: Rose and Lacey bury the hatchet in ice cream.

Gallifreyan Lullaby
Summary: Even amidst chaos, a single moment can be the most precious thing.

Meet Sparkle
Summary: Alice wants a pet.

Christmas at the Harpers
Summary: Owen and Lacey and their family at Christmas

A Sigma Family Christmas Written by quietlydreamin
Summary: The Doctor, The Master, and their family celebrate Christmas

Keep an eye on the list as more stories are added. There really isn't much of an order. Though I tried to list them where they should go.

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