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Super Temp and Lonely God Masterlist

This is the Master list of fics for the Supertemp and the Lonely God. Which is a collection of drabbles, one-shots, and possibly even some chapter fics, not sure yet. Keep an eye here for all the fics in this line. As I start other series, keep an eye out for other masterlists.

The Adventures of the Supertemp and the Lonely God:

Pre Series Four:(Anything in this section involves the Doctor or Donna before their reunion in Partners in Crime)

During Series Four:(Does exactly what it says on the Tin)

Can't Not Touch
Summary: Donna gets exasperated at the Doctor when he's acting like a baby.

Summary: Donna sees a side of the Doctor she's never seen before. And it terrifies her.

Sunrise on a Different Planet
Summary: Donna realizes something, sitting there watching the sunrise

Post Series Four: (Stories that take place after The Doctor leave Donna with no memories of him.)

The Everyday things Hurt the Most
Summary: The Doctor finds a reminder of Donna.

I'm not waiting, I'm drifting
Summary: Donna feels an overwhelming sense of Loss

Summary: A gentle snow at Christmas is all it takes

She remembers Running
Summary: She watches teens running hand in hand and remembers

Chance Meeting
Summary: The Doctor is feeling sorry for himself and goes to Mope at the Thames

Someone to Look After
Summary: Set immediately after Chance Meeting

The Luckiest Time Lord
Summary: He still thinks his suit is unlucky, but maybe it's got some good luck too. Set three years after the Doctor and Donna were reunited in Chance Meeting.

two AM
Summary: Walking the floor at Two AM is every parent's right of passage. Takes place a year after Luckiest Time Lord.

Family's First Christmas
Summary: It's Emma Noble's first Christmas.

Have not decided, but I'm hoping to do a list of original characters that appear in my stories, showing what they look like, and if need be, a bit of a back story.

Also note, there will be stories not related to either of these series, and in fact, might be fics not even related to Doctor Who *gasp and shock.* Just keep checking the masterlists as I make them.


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Apr. 21st, 2009 05:02 pm (UTC)
nicely done will be read all very soon nice to have in one block load.
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