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If we Shadows have Offended

Title: If We Shadows have offended.
Fandom: Doctor Who/Torchwood
Series: High School AU
Characters/Pairings: Andy Davidson(PC Andy), Owen Harper, Lacey Hakrness, Devon Harkness-Hart, Toshiko Sato, Captain John Hart
Summary: Lacey's first Drama class. She learns something interesting about Harper that she wasn't expecting
Notes: Written for hs_bingo Prompt: Class--Drama

Tosh waved to Lacey when she walked into the drama class. The new girl nodded and took a seat next to her. “Thanks for saving me a spot,” Lacey said, sliding in just as the professor walked in. She noticed that Harper kid and Andy sitting towards the middle of the class. She glanced around and smirked as she noticed her cousin. She hadn’t seen much of Devon, but the two wrote all the time, usually to complain about parentals or otherwise bitch about life in general. Devon was excited when she found out Lacey was moving back to Cardiff. She managed to catch her attention and wave before Professor Hart called attention to the class.

“All right kids, time for chatting is over, save your gossip for after the period. You know the rules, no note passing, no talking unless called on, or I will make you pay.” John waited a few minutes until the class settled down. “There we go. Today, we’re discussing Monologues and Soliloquies. Who can tell me what they are?” He glanced over at Lacey, doing a slight double take before remembering they were back in town and had seen her name on the roster. “All right, Harkness, enlighten us.”

“Both are speeches given by a character. A monologue can be given either directed to another character or to the audience, while a soliloquy is the character’s inner thoughts expressed for the audience alone.” Lacey said.

“Very good, seems they teach you lot something in America after all,” He gave her a small wink to show he was teasing, and she resisted the urge to either laugh or stick her tongue out at him, something she often did when on the phone or the occasions John and Gray would come visit with Devon. He turned back to the class. “For this week, we’re going to be working in groups, picking and memorizing a monologue or Soliloquy which you will then have to present to the class. No whining, the groups are alphabetical.” He started listing off students, and Lacey still couldn’t help a small groan when her and Devon were stuck with Harper.

Devon chuckled at she walked over. “So let me guess. Got in a few weeks ago, but everything’s been going to shit?”

“You have no idea Devvy.”

“So, not completely thrown to the wolves then, are we?” Owen said, sitting down with the two girls.

Lacey ignored him. “I don’t see why this project is in groups, the whole purpose of these is that it is one person giving a speech.”

“You weren’t paying attention to your own answer, were you Harkness?” Owen shook his head. “Not all monologues are directed at the audience, some are directed at other characters. Being in a group gives you a chance to block out a scene, in such a case.”

Lacey blinked. “You were actually paying attention?”

“Yes, believe it or not, I do have a brain.” As if to prove his point, he went into Puck’s ending monologue from Midsummer’s night dream. “If we shadows have offended, think but this and all is mended. That you have but slumber’d here, while these visions did appear...”

“He actually shocked the whole school last year when he got the part of Puck in the school production.” Devon said.

“And here I thought you would make a better Bottom.” She grinned when Owen threw a wadded up piece of paper at her head. “So, just going to use that monologue?”

“Nah, where’s the challenge in that? Using one I’ve already memorized, no fun.”

“In other words, Uncle John already told you no.” She said, with a smirk.

“Yeah, pretty much.” He smirked back. “But I’ve got a couple of ideas of monologues to do. What about you two…wait, Uncle John? Professor Hart’s your uncle?”

“Oh, catches on quick, does he? Yes, he’s my uncle. Devvy and I are cousins, it’s true, so scandalous, isn’t it?”

"Oh quite scandalous, people are whispering vicious rumors are flying as we speak." Devon said with a wink.

“You two are class A bitches, you know that, right?” He shook his head. “You birds got any idea for what monologues you’re going to do?”

“Not decided on one yet, Was going to go through the text and see which one caught my eye,” Devon said with a shrug.

“I’m thinking the Juliet Soliloquy. The one she gives on the Balcony?” Lacey said with a shrug. “I’ve always kinda liked that play. Even if it was two emo kids with no clear recognition between love and lust.”

“Thank you!” Owen said. “I swear if I heard one more chick go on and on about how tragically romantic Romeo and Juliet was, I was going to smack somebody.”

“All right, class is almost over,” John said from the front of the classroom. “I expect you from this point on to use out of class time. Homework other than the project is to read Act One of the Miracle Worker in your textbooks. There will be a quiz, and I know what’s in the cliffnotes, don’t expect that to help you.” He looked at his niece. “I’ll be calling your father, Harkness.”

“I’m surprised he hasn’t called you first, but you know how busy he gets with Torchwood.” She smirked, giving him a little half assed salute as she walked out with Devon. “I’ve got sketching next, what bout you?”

“Astronomy,” She said, “tell mum I said hi, ok?”

“Will do, not surprised Uncle Gray is teaching an Art class. Dad will probably tell Uncle John we’ll have dinner Sunday night.” Lacey said to her cousin as they went in two different directions. “Hey Harper, call you to set up a study time.”

“Won’t you need my number for that?” He said, tossing her a scrap of paper. “There ya go.”

“Careful,” She said with a smirk, “people might talk.” He rolled his eyes as he went off in a third direction. He was sticking with his first impression that Lacey Harkness was a Class A Bitch; she just might be a fun Class A Bitch.

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